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Motherhood can be murder . . .

In an affluent city by the beach, the seemingly idyllic world of a moms club shatters when one of its members vanishes without a trace. As suspicion ripples through the close-knit community, a new family moves to town, ready to embrace a fresh start.

Eager to find her tribe, the new mom on the block, Caroline, quickly becomes caught in an intricate web of friendship and secrets. But beneath the surface of perfect smiles and lavish lifestyles lies a darkness Caroline can't avoid. Haunted by the unexplained disappearance of a fellow mom, Caroline starts to unravel a delicately constructed house of cards.

Murder in the Moms' Club is a gripping domestic thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the final, heart-stopping twist. Prepare to be captivated by a story of secrets, lies, and the deadly consequences of joining the wrong group of friends.

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Thanks a lot! This book was so suspenseful and nail biting that I had to stay up until three in the morning because I could. Not. Put. It. Down. I thought, oh I'll just go to sleep after a few chapters. Nope, had to find out what happens. The ending. I can't. Omg just read this freaking book.

Jennifer C. (Amazon Review)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lee writes with emotion, and I felt all the feels while sitting on the edge of my seat during this ride. Running in Circles is a story that tugs at your heartstrings while leaving you entirely appalled at the same time. At the end, I felt so many different emotions it was like I was the one running in circles. 

Lisa S. (Amazon Review)



Crime Thriller


Psychological Thriller

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Crime Thriller

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Psychological Thriller

Charlotte's Pact, a paranormal romance, is based in Buffalo, NY.

Women's Fiction

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Psychological Thriller

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Psychological Thriller

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