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Release Day!!!

Good Morning, Readers!

I've decided to add a blog to my author page, and this is my first post.

My pen name is Laurèn Lee and I'm from the beautiful city of Buffalo, NY. I know, "beautiful" is probably not the first word you'd think of when Buffalo comes to mind. However, I'm extremely proud of my city and how far it's come over the years.

I absolutely love sports, especially hockey. I am a craft beer snob and I'm obsessed with pizza and chicken wings. Yes, they're called chicken wings. Please don't ever call them "Buffalo Wings", at least if you're visiting the Queen City.

Besides writing books, I also read them, too. And, a LOT of them! So far, this year I've read 47 books. My original goal was 52, but I think I might pass that goal very soon :)

Today is a special day for me as it's the release of my second book, When Houses Burn!!!!

When Houses Burn is a psychological thriller perfect for fans of Hannibal (the TV show) and The Night Bird written by Brian Freeman.

Hannibal is what originally inspired me to write this book. I became instantly enamored with the television show and the complicated and dark relationship between Will and Hannibal Lector. I wanted to capture that relationship and translate it to my own writing. And then, When Houses Burn was born.

I'm so excited to share this book with the world! I have to admit, I enjoyed writing it and marketing it far more than my first book, Charlotte's Pact, probably because I'd already done it once and this story is much deeper and darker.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post and I hope you enjoy When Houses Burn!

When Houses Burn by Lauren Lee

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